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At Duncans we focus on developing the special skill set required to "super exceed" in the computer world of the immediate future. 

Our focus group is the 9 to 18 year old computer enthusiast.

Through self-paced learning, taking place in our computer shop and in our Learning Center, as well as over the Internet, we can help you can join the worldwide thousands of qualified and Certified Computer Professionals ....

These include,

A+ Computer Professionals and Technicians

Cisco Certified Network Associates

Microsoft Certified System Engineers

We do not teach.........................we facilitate..

We do not have a classroom....we have a Learning Center and we use the Internet.

Our young Associates are not students...they are learners.....more accurately they are Associates.

The knowledge and skill set we impart to our learners is conveyed through self- paced computer-based interactive training modules that run on your own computer.

As one of our Associates we will encourage you to start your own consulting business the day you start our program...in fact we already have a goal for you to earn some serious money for yourself while you take the course! Many of our Associates, some of whom are only 11 and 12 years old, can earn in excess of $15 per hour when they work in our shop building computers and serving our customers!

This money can be used towards your next course, your high performance Duncans eLearn Computer, regular upgrades to keep your computer at the edge of the technology, and/or put money in your pocket for clothes, hobbies and other spending money. 

We will show you how to lead a lifestyle of a successful and highly trained Computer Professional.

We expect your earning capability within a few years of completing our Senior Certification programs to be as high as $75,000 per year, and even higher in some circumstances.

This "will happen" if  you have practical "on-the-job" experience!

The income your earn during the course is therefore essential for your success when you are fully accredited. It is an important part of our program.

Experience, and a track record of successful earnings, will help you move smoothly into an exceptionally high paying career and full deployment of all your computer capabilities. 

We show you how to professionally document your work from the very beginning of your association with us. This documentation forms a formal part of your resume, and professional record.

We show you how to see yourself as a "highly rewarded" Professional from the first day of the program!

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We show you how, in the year of 2,002, should you undertake and achieve the highest Cisco Certification, your earning capability will rise effortlessly into the $350,000 US$ per year category. We have a Cisco Learning Team right now, and this course will be our fastest growing course, and the most exciting of all of our programs. We are forming the largest Cisco Learning Team in Canada.

The year 2,003 is the year that Teledesic plans for the full deployment of their 288 low orbit satellites for "fiber in the sky" Internet.

Within less than four years, the world will have hundreds of low orbit satellites launched to provide Internet in the Sky. Teledesic is the name of the Company that is in the process of launching these satellites. 

Teledesic is building a global, high speed broadband Internet-in-the-SkyTM. 

Using advanced satellite technology, Teledesic and it's partners are creating the world's first global network to provide affordable, worldwide, "fiber-like" access to telecommunications services such as computer networking, broadband Internet access, interactive multimedia and high-quality voice. 

On "Day One of service", Teledesic will enable broadband connectivity for businesses, schools and individuals everywhere on the planet. 

The Teledesic Network will accelerate the spread of knowledge throughout the world and facilitate improvements in education, health care and other crucial global issues. 

Teledesic is a private company based in Bellevue, Wash., a suburb of Seattle.

Watch this movie about the Teledesic Project

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Teledesic has partnered with The Boeing Corporation, the world's largest aerospace Company, to be it's major contractor.

The Head Office of Microsoft is Seattle.

The Head Office of The Boeing Corporation is Seattle.

The Head Office of Teledesic is Seattle.

Bill Gates and Craig McCaw are the primary and founding shareholders of Teledesic...so high speed, world-wide, two way, full screen, full motion video is about to become a reality. 

Click on Visualizations to see the satellites as they circle the globe.

As one our Young Associates....... you become one of the "Centurions of the Industry!" You will be ready to lead the wave of technology that will sweep around the world in less than 48 months from now, enabled by the Teledesic constellation.

Think of it, as an accredited Cisco Network Engineer you have assured yourself of a major role in shaping the next world with your expertise.  

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There are four major points in the Associate Program

1. We facilitate your self-paced learning towards a certification of your choice. We show the choices, and carefully help you set achievable goals for yourself, and then help you meet those goals. 

2. We provide not only "lab work opportunity" but "real-time on-the- job" documented experience. 

This is a serious apprenticeship program in our shop involving working directly with our customers, building servicing and upgrading their machines and networks.

3. We share concepts of change, an essential skill set in the fastest changing business in the world. 

We do not see you doing anything else other than, "helping other people change", once you are an accredited computer professional.

 We start to prepare you for that from day one of our program.

4. We provide a very rich source of computer expertise through your association with young people, like yourself, working together towards industry accreditation. They become part of your strength, as you join our team, and you strengthen our team when you join it, bringing your own special set of skills into the mix. 

There is a golden vein of computer expertise that you tap into by joining our Association.

Cost of Our Programs

Intro Animation    Approximately 6 hours $ 75
A+ Certification Approximately 225 hours  $999
Cisco CCNA  Approximately 225 hours  $999
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer  Approx 200 hours/ module $899
Web Master DHTML+++ Approximately 100 hours


Business Skills Approximately 100 hours


Full Animation* Approximately 250 hours  


                     **  Courses for $999 qualify for $100 reduction if paid in full at time of registration

The courses start the moment you are ready. They are entirely self paced, so that will not interfere with your schooling, family or vacation time. 

If you live out-of-town, and are unable to attend our Learning Center/Shop on a regular basis you may qualify for our Continuous Learning method of paying. As a Continuous Learner you may attend in your own convenience, as well as participate in our Computer Camps, at the rate of $89.97 for 15 hours.
Although the cost per hour at $6.00/hr is 50% higher than the average cost per hour of our Courses (less than $4.00/hr), this may be a more affordable solution for an Associate that has the capability and natural stamina to "learn on-line".

Essentially, this a first of it's kind unique practical experience and learning program, delivered over the Internet and based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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