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Drowning in alphabet soup:
Understanding new 3G networks

February 18, 2003: Third-generation, wireless wide-area networks are beginning to make their way into the marketplace. The promise: Cell phone service, e-mail, Web access, and data anytime, anywhere. The reality: A raft of competing -- and confusing options. We'll give you a rundown of various 3G technologies, network services, devices and applications.

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Where wireless makes sense
ZDNet's Second Interactive Webcast on Wireless  Technologies.  ZDNet's Dan Farber looks at how a business determines if it needs wireless and also how to establish a measurable ROI. We'll examine two case studies: one where wireless is working, one where it's not. Learn where wireless makes sense for your business. April 28, 2003

UPS takes wireless to the next level
Case Study Four years ago, United Parcel Service put out an RFP to migrate its wireless terminals to more standards-based,cost-effective technology. Now the global package delivery service is about to launch the fruits of its next generation, $120 million end-to-end wireless network.

Wireless that Works: The landscape now, the territory ahead
February 24, 2003: "Wireless that Works" lays out the wireless    landscape today and looks at where it's headed, so you can determine
your business strategy to deploy wireless.

Watch the Webcast

Classified Buy/Sell/Trade Advertising  
Policies and Procedures

This site is provide to add FREE classified advertising capability
for our web site visitors.

You simply enter your ad with a description of what you want to 
buy or sell, and leave your email address for contact.

There is no charge to either the buyer or the seller for this service.

We will remove any ad that is posted that is not within our context 
of providing a professionally administrated "used computer parts" 
sales service.

We intend to use this service ourselves to buy and sell odd items as 
Duncans, and we encourage all of our Duncans Duncans Associates to do the same.

You may make use of URL's in your advertisements, providing all 
URL's are appropriate and in good taste.

Your message will remain posted for approximately 120 days, and then 
will fall off automatically. You are welcome to re-enter it at that time if 
you wish.

Items that are sold should be marked sold by the advertiser to stop 
unnecessary inquiries. 

Thank-you for your support and co-operation

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