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Training: New System: 3 hours free
Power Launch: 6 hours for $89.97
(4 x 1.5 hours at your convenience)
Computer Camps: 15 hours/$89.97
Warranty: New systems - 3 years full. If we replace a part to make it work its under warranty 
On Site: We no longer provide this service
For further information click here
Full Service: $49.97 per hour (we do the work)
$18 per 15 minutes minimum
Open Bench: $39.97 per Hour   (you work with us)
$12 per 15 minutes minimum

 To request a quote for a custom built machine . . click here!

On-Line A+ Certification Course Outline
Register Now for Duncans MindLeaders On-Line A+ Course 
 $138/12 months

In order to be sure to give you personal attention,
 we work "best" by pre-arranged appointment!

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"If you are not being educated in your job today, you may be out of a job tomorrow... Employee education is not growing 100 percent faster than academia, but 100 times - or 10,000 percent - faster... Over the next few decades the private sector will eclipse the public sector and become the major institution responsible for learning."
-- Jim Botkin and Stan Davis, The Monster Under the Bed
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