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John T. Chambers, President and CEO, Cisco Systems




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   Virtually all Internet traffic travels across the systems of one company.
  Cisco Systems.
                      -Empowering the Internet Generation-


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the story

Cisco has entered into the consumer home networking business through the
acquisition of Linksys
- the #1 vendor of home  network products.

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The widely respected Cisco Career Certifications bring valuable, measurable rewards to network professionals, their managers, and the organizations that employ them. Cisco offers three levels of general certification—from Associate to Professional to Expert, representing the highest level of achievement—available in various paths (or tracks) and designations. A variety of Cisco Qualified Specialist focused certifications are available as well to show knowledge in specific technologies, solutions or job roles.


Career Certifications




Total Time: 32 hours

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Total Time: 53 hours

Get 12-month access to all 18 courses listed below for only $59.95
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CCIE Communications and Services

CCIE Routing and Switching

CCIE Security

CCIE Voice

Cisco Cable Communications Specialist 1

Cisco Content Networking Specialist

Cisco Firewall Specialist

Cisco IDS Specialist

Cisco IP Telephony Design Specialist

Cisco IP Telephony Operations Specialist

Cisco IP Telephony Support Specialist

Cisco Multiservice Switching Specialist

Cisco MxU Specialist

Cisco Optical Specialist 1

Cisco VPN Specialist

Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist

Cisco Wireless LAN Support Specialist


Certification Exam Information

About Recertification

Recent Articles and Press

Certifications Overview

Sister Courses
TCP/IP Series $59.95US/yr - 10 Course Synopsis
Network+        $59.95US/yr - 10 Course Synopsis

Cisco Reading Sites
Internetworking Basics

OSI Background
OSI Networking Protocols
Cisco - OSI Network-Layer
Frame Formats

Cisco Reference Sites
Duncans MindLeaders CCNA Study Guide

Duncans BookShop Cisco Shelf

Cisco NetworkStudyGuides.com

RouterSim - Interactive Router-Simulated Training
Krang Router Simulator
Router University - On-Line Simulation
GlobalNet Cisco Training - Tod Lammle
Boson Software, Inc. - finest technical practice tests

LabsOnline allows you to gain hands-on experience with Cisco® routers. You can modify configurations and not worry about bringing down a production network. We give you full remote access to an entire rack of routers which are pre-wired in various ways. This is not a simulation.

Welcome to Fatkid.com. This site hosts the cheapest training material that you will find anywhere, to improve your knowledge of Cisco® Products. (It's all free!!!) We are a full featured site with practice questions, labs and scenarios and even equipment to practice on (OK, you have to pay to access the equipment)

Understanding IP Addressing: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know 
By Chuck Semeria

LearntoSubnet.com: A free lecture-based Educational Course on Internet IP Addressing and Subnetting.

Subnetting Calculator Download Freeware 

Protocols.com is a free service for the data communications and telecommunications industry.

Cisco CCNA Exam Question  Sites
Practice Exam Questions CCNA
Practice Exam Questions
CCNA Practice Questions

There is some more CCNA questions, there is only 50 of them, but they are good questions. It keeps track of the last 25 people who took them. They are pretty hard questions. 

More good CCNA Practice Questions - 390 of them, there are 5 tests 78 questions each. 

Click here for Test information, and free router access

Cisco Study Links

The Internet 
Behind the Net - The untold history of the ARPANET

Internet 2
very high performance Backbone Network Service +
vBNS Backbone Network Map

Welcome to Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Site


Dedicated to preserving the central coordinating functions of the global Internet for the public good.
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Check out this massive list of port assignments  (Click here)

Standard Disclaimer
This website is neither affiliated with or endorsed by Cisco® Systems Inc. "Cisco™," "CCIE™, " "CCNA™," "CCNP™," "CCDP™," "CCDA™," "Cisco® Certified Network Associate," "Cisco® Certified Network Professional," "Cisco® Certified Design Associate," and "Cisco® Certified Design Professional"  are trademarks owned by Cisco® Systems Inc.


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