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Whoever you are
Wherever you are
Whatever country you live in
Whatever language you speak
Whether you are rich or poor
Whether you are young or old
You have the right to learn and
You have the right to have fun while you learn.

You have the right to learn what you want
When you want
Where you want

How you want.
You have the right to learn in your own time
In ways that suit you
In chunks that are convenient for you.

You have the right to decide what skills you need
What knowledge you need,
What you need or want to understand.

You have the right to decide
Who can best help you to achieve the skills,
Knowledge and understanding you seek,
Whether to work towards a particular qualification
Or whether to learn for the sake of learning alone.

You have the right to try examples of materials
Before you commit yourself,
Be introduced to ways of working out for yourself
how much you have learned,
Comment on learning packages and know that
these comments will be taken seriously.

You have the right to take responsibility
For your own learning,
Learn alone or with others,
Learn in an active rather than a passive way,
Get advice from other students or your tutor when you want it.

Author Unknown - If you know the person who wrote this please contact us! 



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"If you are not being educated in your job today, you may be out of a job tomorrow... Employee education is not growing 100 percent faster than academia, but 100 times - or 10,000 percent - faster... Over the next few decades the private sector will eclipse the public sector and become the major institution responsible for learning."
-- Jim Botkin and Stan Davis, The Monster Under the Bed