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  Our mission is to inspire and facilitate our young Associates:

 - to take mastery over their own personal and professional lives,

 - to be accredited in the computer industry's highest designations,

 - to create a niche for themselves within the computer profession,

 - to work effectively within a matrix of professional relationships,

 - to recognize and respect the lines of traditional business interest

- to learn the art of meaningful and lasting positive change,

- to acquire business and entrepreneurial skills,

- to share concepts of change with their peers and clients,

- to achieve excellence in all aspects of their lives.

                                                                                February, 2000



"Smart products and knowledge-based businesses create both smart consumers and a knowledgeable public. As employees, people will learn a living; as consumers they will become lifelong learners."

-- Jim Botkin and Stan Davis, The Monster Under the Bed

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