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Top 14 Things CEOs Need to Know About E-Learning
                    By Patricia A. Galagan

E-learning is here to stay. It should be part of any broad plan to e-enable a business. It can have a direct impact on competitiveness, employee retention, recruitment, and costs. Avoiding that transformation can put employee and organizational readiness at risk.

Compiled by Patricia A. Galagan, editor-in-chief of the ASTD Magazine Group - November 2001

Online Training or Teaching
A Layman’s Rant! 

There are no such things as the oxymorons "Online Training", and  “Online Teaching”.  

Well, at least there should not be! How could there be? 

There is no training room or classroom. There are no classmates or other pupils. There is no trainer, no teacher, nor instructor. In the online scenario, the computer imparts the knowledge and the computer user controls the learning process. (an article written by John Duncan September 2001.)

Microsoft to unveil .NET software
for non-Microsoft platforms 

By James Niccolai
March 17, 2001 3:02 am PT
SANTA CLARA, CALIF. -- Microsoft will unveil new software next week that will allow Web services created using its .NET technology to run on computers that use operating systems other than Windows, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's chief executive officer (CEO), said in a speech here Monday evening.


The Networking Instinct
Click here to read the notes for a speech by Dr. Gaylen Duncan, President & CEO, ITAC, which was presented at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. October 19, 2000. Profile - Gaylen Duncan

Interview with John Duncan
This is the transcript of an interview about Entrepreneurship. The interview was conducted by  Kerry Hjertaas in May 2000, and was a school project undertaking by Kerry who is sixteen years old. He obtained a very high mark for this effort. Shortly after conducting the interview, Kerry became a Duncan Associate.

The interview has been posted to our site October 1, 2000.

Turtle Soup, Venison and a piece of the Action   
Notes for a Speech by Profile - Gaylen Duncan, President & CEO, ITAC
To The Canadian Institute's Conference on Employee Stock Options
September 12, 2000 – Toronto, Ontario

Bill Gates Delivers the Vision

View the keynote address by Bill Gates at Forum 2000, held June 22, 2000. Microsoft's chairman and chief software architect describes how Microsoft .NET applies the company's expertise in operating systems and other software to make the vision of the digital world a reality. Microsoft .NET will integrate myriad tools and services into a personalized experience that consumers can access the way they want at any time across a broad variety of devices.

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Moore's Law - is the end in sight? - March 5, 2,000



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