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The Intelligent Optical SuperInternet

"The optical sector of the IT industry is experiencing a critical shortage of knowledge workers. In fact, in desperation, this sector is literally destroying it's own breeding grounds for qualified personnel by hiring the professors and instructors out of the Colleges and Universities, effectively strangling their ability to research, design and deploy their complex optic technology" 

Dr. Gaylen Duncan,
visiting Regina, Saskatchewan, February 2001 

This Intelligent Optical SuperInternet section of our web site is focuses on  describing the Optical sector of the IT industry, perhaps providing a launching pad for our Associates, MindLeaders subscribers, and clients to a more informed perspective of the arrival of the "SuperInternet". Duncans MindLeaders

Optical Internetworking: Terabit Scale Internets

On December 13, 1999, Cisco announced its 12000 Terabit System and the 12016 Gigabit Switch Router(GSR). Please join Graeme Fraser, Vice President and General Manager of the Optical Internetworking Business Unit, as he walks through a presentation describing in detail how the Terabit System and 12016 GSR support Terabit Scale Internets.

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Nortel Networks

Inform Online eSeminar Series - 2002 - Nortel Networks

Packet Optical Interworking: The Intelligence to Unblock the Internet

                         Originally presented on August 16, 2000, this event is the first of a continuing series of online seminars 
presented by "Inform Online" -- the Nortel Networks eSeminar Series. Learn more about:

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  • Knowledge Web-Seminars

    Sharing the Knowledge Behind the Network

    We have years of experience solving the most complex networking issues. As a result of that experience, we've gained valuable insight into the issues IT professionals deal with on a regular basis. The Knowledge Seminar Series shares our experience and insight. Through these seminars, you can talk to network experts and hear from your peers.

Telecosm - The Book

   Meet George Guilder

Maxwell's Rainbow

How Infinite Bandwidth Will Revolutionize Our World


How Infinite Bandwidth will Revolutionize Our World

Learn how ultra-high-speed networks made of glass and light will affect your future in this informative investigation of technology. In Telecosm: How Infinite Bandwidth will Revolutionize Our World, futurologist and technology analyst George Gilder paints a picture of a world in which, thanks to infinite bandwidth, humans will finally be freed from the limitations of the PC. 

In this book, Gilder paints a portrait of a future in which the sum total of human knowledge is instantly transmitted by cathedrals of glass and airwaves. Gilder is a frequent contributor to Technology Report Newsletter.                   


Be sure to visit the Duncans Technical Trends site and attend 
the George Guilder Telecosm Seminars for the past two years.   ----- click here!

"Nothing is too wonderful to be true."
James Clerk Maxwell, discoverer of electromagnetism


Teach Yourself Fiber Optics - Online!         

Take "hands-on" training online
New: Get Certified

With our Fotec and Fiber U training programs, we've taught over 8,000 people about fiber optics since 1982. But we know that many of you do not have time to come to one of our courses, so we have added this "Fiber U Online" course for you to take at home on your own schedule.

In this "Fiber U Online" course, you will learn about the basics of fiber optics, similar to the material we teach in our classroom sessions. Each lesson will require you to read a section of online training material from the Fotec web site, test your comprehension and check your answers.

Further Training
After you complete the online courses, you still have to develop skills in cable preparation, handling, termination, splicing and testing. For that, we have developed a self-study program with lesson plans, videos, the Fiber U Toolbox and a box full of components to work with.
We now also offer "virtual hands-on courses" online that teaches fiber optic termination and testing. You really learn hands-on techniques from these unique courses!
Certification For Fiber U Online Students!
Now you can become a "Certified Fiber Optic Technician." The Fiber Optic Association offers the Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT) exam, an open book exam which you take on your own. By completing this Fiber U course, which is FOA approved, you can take the exam at a special price. Fotec offers a package of a self-study guide, the FOA textbook, The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual, on which the CFOT exam is based, and the exam, including one year membership in The FOA. You can purchase this from the Cable U Online Store or from Fotec.

Click here to get started!

Online Tutorials
The Fusion Splicing Education Center and Basic Principles of Fiber Optics Tutorials allow you to learn more about Corning Cable Systems' products and Telecommunications technologies at your own pace.

Fusion Splicing Education Center
Basic Principles of Fiber Optics

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Fiber Optics Basics
Terry Macy

In recent years it has become apparent that fiber-optics are steadily replacing copper wire as an appropriate means of communication signal transmission. Fiber-optic systems are currently used most extensively as the transmission link between terrestrial hardwired systems. They span the long distances between local phone systems as well as providing the backbone architecture of a city phone system. Other system users include cable television services, university campuses, office buildings, industrial plants, and electric utility companies. This briefing will give an overview of fiber-optic technology, telecommunication applications, fiber-optic advantages and disadvantages, fiber-optic economics.

Short history of fiber optics

By Jeff Hecht

Reproduced from Fiber Optics Technician's Handbook, by Jim Hayes, Delmar Publishers, Albany, New York.

Please check back here regularly...we are just getting this section started.......February 26, 2001


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