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Air Date: Sunday, October 29, 2000

The Benefits of E-Learning - click here!
The ability to remain competitive in business hinges largely on how well employees are trained to meet today’s challenges. It wasn’t long ago that additional training meant sitting in a conventional classroom for instruction. But in today’s fast-paced environment, e-learning or Web-based training is becoming the choice mode for teaching new skills. Nearly 50 percent of all companies have some form of e-learning, according to recent statistics, and more than $9 billion will be spent on e-learning by 2002. Most experts feel that it won’t replace traditional classes, but it is a quicker and easier method to disseminate information, not to mention a cheaper way to train workers. In this segment, we will explore the tools of e-learning and the impact it is having on the workplace.

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The impact of elearning on business and education!

E-Learning Initiatives at
Stanford University

Stanford University's Dr. Andy DiPaolo highlights Stanford's trailblazing e-learning initiatives, and offers his sound advice to those forging the way for e-learning strategies in their organizations.
Running Time 21:49


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E-Learning Report:E-Learning Success in Higher Education   TRT:0:24:58   Airdate:25-Dec-2000
How is Marlboro College finding success with their combination face-to-face/online internet focused graduate degree programs? Tune in for our talk with Marlboro President Paul LeBlanc.

E-Learning Report:How E-Learning Enables Simplicity   TRT:0:13:27   Airdate:20-Nov-2000
Bill Jensen, noted e-learning expert and author of Simplicity: The New Competitive Advantage, shares his strategies for implementing a successful e-learning program in your corporation. Find out how you can create a strategy that works, what to avoid, and how the Net generation fits into the e-learning horizon.

E-Learning Report:The Impact of Technology on the Education of Americans
TRT:0:28:3   Airdate:30-Oct-2000 Elliott Masie, considered one of the world's experts on the integration of technology and learning, talks with Oracle University's Liz Wiseman about how e-learning is transforming the public sector.

E-Learning Report:E-Learning at Oracle - Live from Oracle OpenWorld TRT:0:29:26   Airdate:04-Oct-2000 Filmed live at the Oracle OpenWorld 2000 conference, this E-Learning Report looks at Oracle's strides in the e-learning arena. Find out how Oracle is using e-learning as a critical part of their strategy, and how Oracle is keeping their customers current and helping them implement e-learning in their own organizations.

E-Learning Report:Customer Focused E-Learning - Live from Oracle OpenWorld TRT:0:29:16   Airdate:03-Oct-2000 Live from Oracle Openworld - Oracle University's Liz Wiseman talks to John Marshall, CEO of Qarbon, about Qarbon's popular viewlet authoring tool and their powerful strides in customer focused e-learning.

E-Learning Report:E-Learning at Cisco Systems - Live from Oracle OpenWorld TRT:0:15:51   Airdate:02-Oct-2000 John Hall, VP Oracle University, Oracle Corporation and Tom Kelly, VP Worldwide Training, Cisco Systems discuss Cisco's powerful strides in the e-learning arena. Filmed live at the Oracle OpenWorld 2000 conference!

E-Learning Report:New Research Trends in the E-Learning Industry TRT:0:19:30   Airdate:26-Sep-2000 E-learning expert Dr. Brandon Hall shares his strategies for success in this discussion on implementing a successful e-learning initiative.

E-Learning Report:How to Prepare Learners for the E-Learning Experience TRT:0:18:52   Airdate:28-Aug-2000 Noted e-learning expert Sam Shmikler joins us to discuss preparation, design and implementation strategies that can make the difference between e-learning success and failure.

E-Learning Report:Western Governors University   TRT:0:23:34   Airdate:25-Jul-2000
This premier focuses on e-learning's impact on education, engaging Utah Governor Mike Leavitt and Western Governors University President Bob Mendenhall in a forward-looking discussion about educational change.

Click HERE  to read 
E-Learning: Building
Competitive Advantage
Through People 
and Technology

by Brandon Hall.
Oct 2000



Quote from John Chambers' (CEO Cisco Systems)  1999 COMDEX Conference
The next big killer application for the Internet is going to be education. Education over the Internet is going to be so big it is going to make e-mail look like a rounding error.

Take this excellent course on e-learning!
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"If you are not being educated in your job today, you may be out of a job tomorrow... 

Employee education is not growing 100 percent faster than academia, but 100 times - or 10,000 percent - faster... 

Over the next few decades the private sector will eclipse the public sector and become the major institution responsible for learning."

-- Jim Botkin and Stan Davis, The Monster Under the Bed

University of California at LA Offers Personalized Web Pages
Microsoft Windows NT and SQL Server quickly distribute
academic and campus information to UCLA undergraduates.

Penn State University Finds Solution to Data Warehousing Needs
Microsoft SQL Server makes accessing information from the data
warehouse quick and easy from every desktop.

It's in the Numbers
Statistics from the PBS study on learning.

E-Learning Trends & Statistics

Computers in the Classroom
Students attending brick-and-mortar higher education institutions:  13 million
Students taking higher-education courses online:  1 million
Higher-education institutions offering courses on the Internet:  25%
Expenditures on distance learning equipment in the U.S. in 1997:  $1 billion
Market growth since 1992:  300%
Post-secondary students who own personal computers:  5.3 million
Students who obtain class assignments electronically:  40%
Institutions saying student resistance is an impediment to integrating technology into curricula:  2%
Institutions saying faculty resistance is an impediment:  55%
Continuing Education
Students who are 25 or older:  43%
Students in 1978 who were 25 or older:  28%
Jobs that require education or training beyond high school, according to the U.S. Department of Labor:  85%
Jobs in 1950 that required education or training beyond high school:  40%
Employees who receive training:  58%
Companies using learning technologies, including the Internet:  48%
Motivation for Providing E-Learning
Institutions that say increasing student access by reducing time constraints is very important:  63%
Those that say making education more affordable for students is very important:  49%
Those saying that reducing costs to the institution is very important:  20%

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Purdue University Migrates from Unix to Microsoft Windows NT
The move to Windows NT has resulted in a scalable,
robust solution that delivers more services for less cost.

"Learning is a transparent event in the context of solving problems. The quicker one learns, the quicker one performs. The "if" of e-Learning is over —

the relevant question now is who will become the early adopters that will enjoy the benefits and competitive advantage E-Learning will yield?"

--Kent Vickery, Chairman, SRI Consulting,
Global Learning on Demand Advisory Board

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