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Custom Computer Builders

Sales - Service - Upgrades - End of Life Recycling

Duncans DeskTop and DeskNote Computers  are individually "custom designed" and carefully assembled by Saskatchewan young people to "ISA" standards. (Industry Standard Architecture) Each machine is fully upgradeable in every respect. We have been building machines for over 18 years, and we can upgrade any machine we have ever built. In short, we build and service "upgradeables" and then we upgrade them to our clients' needs.

At the end of the useful life of our computers, we have a complete recycling program. ( In fact we recycle all sorts of eWaste, including monitors and computers not originally sold by us, as well as TV's, Faxes, Scanners, Pagers, Cell Phones, Telephones and many other items.

Learning  Facilitators

Self-Paced Interactive Computer Based Learning

The computer is dramatically changing the way we learn. The predominance of the instructor led, classroom-based education system is ending. Web-based learning, interactive CD-ROMs, video tapes, and internet on-line tutorials shift the control of the learning experience away from the teacher into the learner's hands. Now the teacher is assuming the role of facilitator, acting as a navigator,  guiding the learner's experience to acquire knowledge.

We offer a in-house education in computer skills, through our computer camps and our certification programs for young and older people wishing to combine online learning with the practical skills they can acquire with hands-on experience in our computer shop.


On-Line Web-Based e-Learning

High Velocity e-Learning that Works!

We have partnered with MindLeaders of Columbus, Ohio to deliver over 950 interactive courses in computer and business skills. We have hundreds of learners of all ages from all over Canada and the United States taking advantage of this incredibly inexpensive and effective way to acquire computer and business skills expertise.


In order to be sure to give you personal attention,
 we work "best" by pre-arranged appointment!
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