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Your Town 

If you'd like to live in the kind of Town

Like the kind of Town you'd like.

You needn't pack your clothes in a grip

And start a long, long hike

For you'll only find what you've left behind

There's nothing that's really new

Your knocking yourself, when you knock your Town

It isn't your Town, - - it's you!


Real Towns are not made by men afraid

When somebody else gets ahead.

When everyone works and nobody shirks

You can lift your Town from the dead.

So if, while you make your personal stake,

Your neighbor can make his too,

Your Town will be what you want to see,

It isn't your Town, -- it's you!

Author unknown,

A framed copy of this poem hung on the wall 
of G.R. Duncan 's (1878-1942) Office for 30 years. 

He was President of the Chamber of Commerce of Fort William
 and an enthusiastic Realtor who boasted Fort William
 so much that one would think that it was
 the best Town in the whole wide world.

Helene and John Duncan
Regina, Saskatchewan
March 2000

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